" Arsenal would lose more than 47 million euros if it does not qualify for Europe

The signing of Pépé and the dismissal of Unai Emery have meant extra efforts for the club, which fears having big losses if it does not enter European competitions next year.


The Arsenal made public the accounts of the club last Saturday and have a significant economic problem in sight that could be solved only by improving sports results. This summer they made the effort to bring Nicolas Pépé for 80 million euros and have had to fire Unai Emery as coach, two expenses that they did not count on when they planned the budgets of this campaign.

The problem is compounded if they look a little further. And they are ninth in the Premier League standings (they are 24 points behind the leader) despite their victory yesterday against West Ham by 1-3. That makes the board of directors fear, which is not guaranteed that their club will participate in a European competition next season.

Not qualifying for the Europa League or the Champions League would be a rather large hole in the coffers of the London club, according to The Times, of 47.5 million euros. Failure to meet the planned objectives would prevent them from charging UEFA’s premiums, as well as the market pool, not to mention that ticket sales and merchandising would surely be affected. Since 1996, Arsenal has always played a European competition, but if they were left out of this course, they would have serious difficulties to continue building a competitive team.

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