" Atlético beat Lokomotiv to dismiss the group stage

Atlético de Madrid said goodbye to the Youth League with a deserved and worked victory against Lokomotiv in Moscow. There was nothing at stake, as the Spanish team was already classified as second in the group and the Russian eliminated, but both wanted to close this phase of groups with a good taste.

Given the little that was at stake, footballistically speaking, Carlos González, coach of the youth mattress, decided to give rest to players who usually play with the subsidiary, cases of Cedric, Germán Valera or Sergio Camello, for example. Or what is the same, opportunity for other youth players.

Atlético led the domination of the clash from the initial whistle, but the well-planted Lokomotiv defended perfectly. The rojiblanco team had occasions, with Gutierrez, Soriano and Salido very active in attack, but they did not hit the door. The mattresses arrived at the front of the area, but there the Russians were a wall.

So the whole first part happened, although once finished, there was an action that would mark the clash. Baraboshkin, who in 43 ’had seen a yellow one, returned a shot to Medrano after the first act was over. More violent that of the Russian, who was beside himself. Yellow for both. The second in the case of the visitor, who would no longer leave the locker room, leaving his team with ten for the second 45 minutes.

Atletico was more determined after the break, Ferreras, with a shot from the front, was about to open the scoring. Quintana and Rojas entered through Gutierrez and Soriano. I was looking for more freshness in the final meters by the bands Carlos González. Rojas came out like a rocket, continuously overflowing on the right and touching the goal.

The Russians, nervous, returned to give advantage to Atletico. Petukhov committed a very clear penalty, without need, on Quintana, who was responsible for launching and transforming the maximum penalty, deceiving the goalkeeper. It was the 72nd minute. Everything stood up for the red and whites.

Atlético did not step on the brake. It kept coming from the sides and the center. Gonzalo Camello, who had just left, put a perfect center for Marc Tenas to connect a sensational header and put it 2-0. It was the sentence. The Lokomotiv didn’t seem able to do in ten minutes what he hadn’t done in 80: shoot at the door. What did come was the third of Atlético. Similar to the second, but for the other band and with other protagonists. Quintana focused and finished off with the testa Soto.

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