" Brugge vs Real Madrid: white people take it seriously

They say that Madrid does not play anything tonight in Bruges, with the second place of the group already secured, not without suffering, and without being able to lay hands on the first. But Zidane refuses to consider the game a process. “We don’t play friendly. It’s a Champions League game and the image of Madrid is at stake.” Apart from that, there are several factors that invite you to take a look at the TV tonight, starting at 9 pm.

The first has to do with one of the flagships of the project, Gareth Bale, which heads a call in which neither Sergio Ramos nor Kroos are, watching over weapons for Valencia and Barcelona. There is Benzema, who will be a substitute, so the gallons will be for Bale, which Zidane wants to measure for the next two league games. The Welshman comes out of a slight injury and has to prove to Bruges that he is prepared to share an attack with Karim in Mestalla and at Camp Nou. With Hazard out of action, Madrid needs the best version of Welsh.

Casemiro is in Bruges, but the most normal thing is that he finally rests. He is the only player who has not done so and the meeting against the Belgians is a good opportunity to measure the white team without the Brazilian, which seems irreplaceable. It would be a good essay, also, facing the Camp Nou if Case saw a yellow in Mestalla. Remember that you are aware …

Luka Jovic scored his first goal against Leganés … and disappeared from the map. I miss the Serbian striker, who has not played a single minute for more than a month. Before Bruges he will have a good opportunity to claim and prove to Zidane that it is a more than valid option if Madrid needs a goal.

Flight to Vinícius

No goal, but overflow, is what Vinícius showed against Espanyol. Power without control. But today’s game may be good for him to continue recovering sensations, to get closer to the player who last year excited Madrid and that he seems to have lost bellows against Rodrygo.

Recall: Mendy is sanctioned for Valencia, so Zidane must invent a left side. Nacho? Carvajal to changed leg? ¿Militao? The most normal is to bet on Nacho in Valencia, but the defense will reappear tomorrow against Bruges after two months off. An exam to finish deciding on the side that will play against Valencia. It is not ruled out that Zizou does tests throughout the match.

As if that were not enough, Madrid also plays money. 2.7 million euros paid by UEFA for victory, which would add to the 15 that the white club perceived as fixed for participating in the group stage and the 10 that secured with the pass to eighths. Goals have not only been scored on the field for a long time, but also, and they matter, in the income statement.



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