" Neymar will once again be one of the priorities of the Barça transfer market in 2020 (MD)

With the arrival of the new year, and although there will still be five months of competition in which all the titles of the season will have to be decided, FC Barcelona will begin to prepare the 2020-21 season. As it was last summer, Neymar (27 years old) will return to the scene. After the Christmas holidays, the technical secretariat, in coordination with the leadership of the Barça board, will start planning the next campaign and, again, the PSG striker will once again be one of the priorities of the transfer market. If during the remainder of the season it maintains a top level according to its quality, the Barca club will be attentive to its signing. All this, along the lines of what was recently confirmed to the media of the club itself, both the president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, and the technical secretary, Eric Abidal.

After last summer, hurrying almost until the last day of the market, Barça will try to sign Neymar, if the crack does not make a fool of himself or is injured, the Barca club will return to the charge for the Brazilian this 2020, but with a very important difference with respect to the previous course. If in the summer of 2019 those who had the last word about Neymar’s departure from the PSG were only and exclusively the Qatari owners of the French club – much as Ney begged them to let him go to Barça -, in summer 2020 the panorama will be very different.

The Brazilian striker can now grab one of the clauses that appears in the ‘Regulations on the Statute and Transfer of Players’ of FIFA to find a way out. Once the so-called ‘Protected Period’ is fulfilled, which FIFA in its regulation defines as “a period of three complete seasons or three years – whichever comes first – after the entry into force of a contract, if the contract was signed before that the professional player turned 28 […] ”, automatically the highest world football organization recognizes the right to leave the club in exchange for compensation.

As there has been no renewal in between and Neymar will have completed his third season with the PSG, the Brazilian forward would have a clause set by a formula contemplated by FIFA and in which, among other variables, the price of his purchase (222 million), the depreciation of the signing and the gross salary that he would have to collect to calculate the compensation that his current club should receive.

According to the calculations that the club manages, Neymar’s freedom would be set at 180 million euros, a price that depending on the performance of the Brazilian this season with the PSG can be reasonably ‘economic’ or, conversely, completely out of the market for a footballer who will already be 28 years old.

The same record as in Barça

In addition, and since it was already supported in last summer’s negotiations, in case Neymar returned to Barca he would return charging the amounts stipulated in the contract that he breached when he left in summer 2017. After receiving 18 million the first year, 20 the second and 22 the third, Neymar would return to Barca charging 24 million, which is his due in the fourth year of the contract. In addition to all this, the efforts of the PSG today are focused on attaching its other great star, Mbappé, which they want to renew at all costs.

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