" Quintana, Tenas and Soto solve the procedure for Atlético

Atlético jumped to the Alcala pitch in search of gaining confidence and security to face a life or death tie that allows it to be in the eighth of the Youth League. With the second place of Group D secured and without options of being first, that leadership that escaped in Turin and secured the pass to the round of 16 without the need for an intermediate match, Carlos González gave minutes to less habitual players before a Lokomotiv who did not opt ​​for anything .

Without Riquelme, Valera or Cédric above, Atlético had in Castro, Soriano, Nando Gutiérrez and Salido its main offensive starting points. In the goal Álex Fernández enjoyed his first opportunity in the place of Saldaña. The game began without rhythm, with two teams facing a procedure but with the clear red and white intentions to get ahead on the scoreboard. Atletico was forced to forget the tragic end of the match against Juventus, where getting ahead with the goal of Salido opened all the options of being first, but the tie of the Spanish Pablo Moreno in the 78th minute and the header of Gozzi in the last The moment of the discount left one last day with everything decided.

Atletico dominated during the first part where the minutes ran very rarely before the accumulation of Lokomotiv players over their area. Salido asked for a penalty for a dubious action in the area, it is not clear if the defender touched before the ball or the ‘9’ mattress. The arrival to three quarters was easy, but then the shortage of the last pass led the team to end up testing distant shots, where Kasyanenko had no trouble stopping them safely. Meanwhile, behind the fixed Lama and Marco Moreno kept Russian attempts at bay.

Expulsion at rest
However, the game took a turn once the referee had already signaled the break. An argument between Medrano and Baraboshkin on the way to the locker room tunnel ended with a yellow one for each one, in the case of the Russian his second for which he was expelled. Ferreras was the first to look for the goal at the start of the second half with a distant shot close to the post. Carlos González soon moved the bench with the entrance of Rojas and Quintana in the 55th minute and Tenas and Navarro seven minutes later. Rojas himself had the next one of Atlético with a cross shot after leaving by band, but again the Russian goalkeeper appeared.

The numerical superiority did not change the script of the match, with ease to reach three quarters of the attack but the impossibility of throwing the last line. Until minute 71, when Atleti stole, he left on the left wing, where Medrano and Quintana were already dumping the game and in the cut of the end in the area he was eaten by Captain Petukhov to commit a penalty. Quintana himself tricked Kasyanenko to break the score.

Shortly after, the newly entered Gonzalo Camello (brother of striker Sergio) put his first center at the head of Tenas, who finished off with a fantastic stub to the Russian network. A sentence that came when the Lokomotiv began to break back with an Atletico where the changes were decisive. The first two scorers and assistant Camel out from the bench. Quintana, who was liking throwing pipes and technical resources, was about to score an Olympic goal, but Kasyanenko was careful to reach out and avoid the direct corner goal. On the next arrival by band, he opted for a center, measured at Soto’s head so that coming from behind he did the third goal with another good header.

A dose of confidence for Atlético, who once managed to open the melon, saw how the goals were coming fluently having in Quintana its most unbalanced player. A soccer player who, like Rojas and Tenas, helped from the bench to give a new air to the rojiblanco team. The expulsion of Baraboshkin at the break was decisive to break the very closed defense of the Russians, who did not even look at the goal of Álex Fernández

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