" Real Madrid plays about three million euros in Brugge

The white club has the incentive of the awards distributed by UEFA for results in the group stage. He has already entered € 67.4 million.

Real Madrid traveled to Bruges already classified and knowing his fate as second in Group A, but that does not mean that the Belgian event lacks incentives for the white club. Each Champions match is important not only for the prestige, but also for the coffers of the entity. And, although there is nothing at stake sportingly, there is an economic motivation: the around three million euros in prize that the winner of each game takes in the group stage.

A juicy pinch for white accounts, which already account for 67.4 million euros in revenue in the current edition of the continental tournament. The bulk comes from the income that, since last season, UEFA distributes among clubs based on the results of recent years and the weighting of the historical record of titles in European competitions. A 585 million stock exchange whose biggest beneficiary is Madrid: € 35.45 million. A good heritage of the last four Champions and the other nine European Cups that Madrid treasures in its museum.

To this we must add the fixed € 15.25 M that UEFA allocates to each participant in the group stage, the 9.5 for the pass to eighths already guaranteed by Zidane and 7.2 million of the results achieved so far (2 victories against Galatasaray, a draw against Bruges and another equalized against PSG). Each draw in the league is paid at 900,000 euros and each win at 2.7 million. But the latter must be added the remaining money of each tie in the group of eight groups, which is shared and distributed in proportion to the number of victories, hence the reward per game won is around three millions of euros.

To all of the above it is possible to add the market pool, which is distributed at the end of the season depending on the importance of the television market of each country, the number of representatives of the league in question and the number of games played. Playing the Champions and progressing in the competition is a good business.

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