" Madrid, agonizing champion

It was an extreme final, with the agonizing extension in which these meetings of neighbors usually end and resolved in the penalties. An exciting and sweaty brooch to a sequined final that crowned Madrid.

We may be attending a time when the tiquitaca will change hands, but do not expect it immediately. Madrid has made the need virtue (its many fallen are concentrated in attack) until it ends, who knows if with a vocation of permanence, in a multimedia team that this time did not pocketing the ball overwhelmingly. Another thing expected was the eleven of Madrid, that multicentrocampista Frankenstein formation, and the mood of an Athletic more preventive than daring, the intravenous pizza. But neither Madrid was the whirlwind that hit Valencia nor Atlético that cowardly group that survived in a miracle in their area against Barça. This time there was no need for Oblak to be a saint’s hand.

Simeone lifted the defensive line and took Madrid comfort on the ball. This generated a game of low activity and some losses due to lack of tension in the Zidane team that brought Atlético closer to the goal. Especially, a gift from Ramos to João Félix that culminated the Portuguese badly.

Madrid leaned out to the right, the band that gave Zidane to Valverde, ready to go wherever the game takes him. That slight rush did not give him much: the two distant shots of Casemiro and Modric did not force any miracle of Oblak. Nor did Atlético have clarity against it. That was a matter for João Félix, who is still in darkness. And he didn’t find Correa either, although in one of his outbursts he made a silly Ramos penalty that Sánchez Martínez overlooked. The matter did not reach the VAR bar. Portuguese and Argentine changed their positions in the final stretch of the first half in case that troubled Madrid. It did not happen.

At that fight, which the whites reactivated at the end of the first part with an arrival of Mendy, side assault, and a header of Casemiro was absent Jovic for a long time. In the first half he participated only in ten actions, less than any other, and all outside the area. In the second he appeared for the first time since his arrival in Madrid. First in a gallop between four athletics that he was about to win, then in a cross shot that went by a span and finally in a center that quirked Valverde against his knee at an empty door. This Super Cup has taken him out of the attic and there he will return as soon as Benzema heals, but Madrid hopes he will at least be able to handle the emergency.

The expulsion of Valverde

The lack of goal made Simeone and Zidane more daring. The rojiblanco with Vitolo took the first step, to widen to find a tributary on the left, and the Frenchman answered with Rodrygo, a second point. Neither improved a duel that was less, although the Brazilian was mischievous and committed. He was able to score on the regulation time discount. Madrid carried the ball without taking advantage and Atlético waited with little hope, although Morata ended up encountering a huge opportunity. He lost his hand to hand with Courtois, already becoming the most important footballer in Madrid.

Zidane opted for the extreme measure of putting Mariano, the phantom forward, and Vinicius. Madrid from 4-3-3 to try to solve what escaped their five midfielders. Atletico stabbed his defense with Savic and Arias and fatigue led the best chances to both areas (Mariano, Llorente …) and in that madness Madrid was left with ten. Valverde stopped the tremendous Morata who faced Courtois. So the lawsuit was for the penalties and there remained the legend of Zidane, the Cid of the finals.

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