" AFC Bournemouth vs Aston Villa

Coming up on Saturday afternoon (UK time), in a Premier League fixture, AFC Bournemouth will play Aston Villa at Seward Stadium with a 3:00pm kick-off.

There is no UK TV coverage for this fixture.

Head To Head

Followers will likely know that AFC Bournemouth played Aston Villa in August, in what was a Premier League clash. The winners were AFC Bournemouth securing a score of 1-2.

Over the last ten years, the two teams have faced-off 4 times. AFC Bournemouth have won in 2 of them; Aston Villa have won 2 times. There have been no draws.

In their head-to-head, there has been an average of 2.5 goals each match. AFC Bournemouth have scored an average of 1.25. Aston Villa score an average of 1.25.

Looking at the match-up in terms of combined Home and Away performance, whichever side has been at home has won 50% of these matches and the visitors have won 50% of the time.

AFC Bournemouth

As we look ahead to this one, AFC Bournemouth have 23 points in Premier League, putting them in 17th place.

Looking at results for the last year, they have played 46 matches. They have 13 wins; 10 draws; and 23 losses. This gives AFC Bournemouth a recent Win-Draw-Loss rate of: 28%-21%-50%.

In these matches, they have averaged 1.28 goals for, and 1.57 goals against.

A look at their home record in this time. They have a win rate of 30% (7 wins) from the latest 23 home fixtures. 30% (7) of these home games have been a draw, with the remaining 39% (9) ending in a loss.

On average they have scored 1.39 goals when at home in this period while they have conceded 1.3.

As far as their recent performance goes, combining home and away fixtures, they have a total of 9 goals in their last ten matches – 3 of these matches have been wins for them. The frequency of matches in which both AFC Bournemouth and their opposition have scored is 2 out of the ten; the total number of matches with over 2.5 goals scored is 5 out of the last ten.

Aston Villa

Currently, Aston Villa have 25 points in Premier League, putting them in 16th position.

There is a total of 55 matches played by them over the recent 12 months. They have 29 wins; 9 draws; and 17 losses. This recent form puts Aston Villa on a Win-Draw-Loss rate of: 52%-16%-30%.

In this time, they have scored 1.78 goals on average per match; while conceding 1.27 goals on average.

On the road in the last 12 months, they have a win rate of 46% (14 wins). There have been 30 away fixtures. 20% (6) of these games away from home have been a draw, with the remaining 33% (10) resulting in a loss.

On average they have scored 1.77 times when away in this period. They have conceded 1.2.

In their last ten matches they have scored 15 times; they have won 4 of these matches. Of these ten games, 7 of them have seen both sides score. The frequency of matches with a total of three goals or more is 7 games in their last ten outings.

And they have scored at least once in each of their last 6 matches.

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