" Another demand from Neymar al Barça: now claims 6.5 million

Neymar has once again sued FC Barcelona, ​​according to El Mundo. The PSG striker, who paid in August 2017 the 222 million of his termination clause, would be claiming the Barça entity 6.5 million euros for the fiscal contingencies he had to face as a natural person for the fictitious contracts of his signing in 2013.

When the amounts of these contracts were considered salary, Neymar’s taxation changed and hence there is demand. According to the aforementioned newspaper, the Barça club is not in charge of paying that amount or of replicating with another demand in a pulse in the courts that does not seem to have an end.

In this case, this new demand is surprising because Neymar, although his departure was a treason escape, spent several months last year winking to return to Camp Nou, something that did not happen, among other reasons, because the PSG did not put any facility after the disbursement he made. However, it seemed that there was an approach between both parties that now shines because of its absence.

It would be the third demand that the player takes against FC Barcelona, ​​with a total amount of 38.6 million euros claimed between the three.

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