" Real Madrid 1-2 Manchester City: neither game nor VAR in key minutes

After winning by the minimum thanks to Isco’s goal, from the 78th minute the entire tie was twisted to a Real Madrid disconnected in the last quarter of an hour where a very controversial play began to decline the balance. Both Gabriel Jesus and De Bruyne scored, the latter penalty, and Ramos was expelled 


Dressed up for the occasion, she wore a Santiago Bernabéu overflowing with passion and desire to see her Real Madrid in her favorite setting. The Champions League was returning in the round of 16. The visitor, a Manchester City going through a strong crisis both in sports and in the issues related to his signings. In addition, two lovers of good football faced their philosophies on the benches. The game that was going to beat Zidane against Guardiola had it all and … he would finally win the wizard from outside. 

In the times, the absence of Kroos on the local side and the presence of Vinícius Jr stood out , while neither were Agüero nor Sterling on the English block The cards were thus kept for possible uses as revulsives. But what really was safe was technology. The VAR did not appear when it should. He ended up paying dearly for the local team. 

Pep Guardiola and Zidane greet each other before the start / Photo: UEFA
Pep Guardiola and Zidane greet each other before the start / Photo: UEFA

Vinícius has it and Laporte leaves

First quarter of an hour with almost monopolized possession by the Madrid team, while the City tried not to lose the ball easily. Guardiola was angry with his defense for the constant gifts of the ball in long displacements and without possessive intentions. Quite the opposite was happening in the local field, where the whites did try to play well in this sport that raises passions. Modric, Benzema and Isco were constantly sought , by central areas. They competed both Valverde com or Vinícius Jr in Momentary internees. 

Of course, the first dangerous approach to rival goal would not reach until the shot of Varane , high after a good reverse of Isco and center to the area. The central station passed by. Gabriel Jesus responded minutes later but with a much clearer opportunity. The figure of Courtois emerged to clear the corner of the Brazilian’s corner. Real Madrid punctual dismissal and almost paid dearly. Vinícius was on the run , who was shot down by Rodri. Reprimand was requested but reserved by the Italian collegiate. 

Courtois clears Gabriel Jesús's shot / Photo: UEFA
Courtois clears Gabriel Jesús’s shot / Photo: UEFA

And the young Brazilian himself was presented with an unbeatable opportunity to see the door again after a while without getting wet. However, a few meters away the glory escaped after Benzema’s head in the center of Mendy . The ‘citizen’ goalkeeper had stopped her before and, fortunately, the English rositas team was leaving in that action. But for marches the one of Aymeric Laporte of the duel and for physical problems. The Frenchman had just arrived. Fernandinho replaced him 

Courtois saves again and Isco does it

Until the break, the line that followed the match was the same as the entire first half. A City wanting to run in the thefts and a Real Madrid with more patience, playing but always looking for danger. The one that didn’t arrive too much. We had to wait for it to the second assault, although in the first, Ramos almost gave a fright in his own goal in the last ‘citizen’ play. Luckily he had his two bodyguards well placed. 

To the mess, he returned to roll the ball in the Bernabéu, without changes but with greater aspirations of both sets. One of those who wanted to be inspired was Ryan Mahrez , but his threaded shot almost licked the post. Serious loss of Casemiro in a bad heel to promote that action. The marker could move in those punctualities but what did debut were the yellow cards. He received a Valverde and another Modric while Real Madrid seemed to lose some control.

Isco crosses the ball to score against Ederson / Photo: UEFA
Isco crosses the ball to score against Ederson / Photo: UEFA

Because, again, a great hand of Courtois had to appear at Mahrez’s shot . Tension was felt in the white stadium since in a previous action Vinícius had missed another good internship. But the Brazilian was going to make up soon after with a huge decision. That of giving the ball to his teammate Isco in another personal snatch. Only the Malaga entered the area to define aside , impossible to stop. 60 minute and electronic open. 

Come back with controversy and Ramos to the street

With that 1-0 , Zidane’s team was growing while the rival coach was already preparing his bench movements. With more intensity after the goal and the attitude of opening that gap more, it was Sergio Ramos who looked out the area. Great assistance from Isco and auction rejected by the English defender. But the central Sevilla was going to be the protagonist in his own defensive zone, where he suffered a clear push from Gabriel Jesus. The Brazilian headed a goal, the play did not end up seeing the Italian referee on the monitor and up the tie to the scoreboard. 

It was the 78th minute, but the equalizer was not going to prevail for a long time, since he soon managed to overcome the game a Manchester City that danced to the rhythm of De Bruyne. Although, yes, the clamorous mistake was made by Carvajal in a penalty on Sterling , recently admitted. There was no doubt. The Belgian crack himself beat his countryman from eleven meters and the 1-2 silenced the Bernabéu , who still had to see how Orsato took out the red cardboard to Sergio Ramos . A lot had been put on his part Gabriel Jesus to throw himself to the minimum blow. 

Gabriel Jesús celebrates his goal of the tie / Photo: UEFA
Gabriel Jesús celebrates his goal of the tie / Photo: UEFA

With that storm of bad news in the white house, a strange duel ended that had been left over the last fifteen minutes . At least, for the benefit of a decayed but not sunk Real Madrid . He will have to go around the tie in English lands. 

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