" Coronavirus - La Liga suspended for the next two days
The first and second divisions stop competition due to recommendations regarding the coronavirus.

La Liga suspends football for the next two weeks. This was announced after the meeting held between the competition regulatory body, the Spanish Football Federation and the Association of Spanish Football Players. So far, La Liga has been waiting for the government, specifically the Ministry of Health, although it has said that it was possible to play behind closed doors on these two days.

La Liga press release: at least two days and a new assessment after quarantine

“Given the circumstances known this morning, referring to the quarantine established at Real Madrid and the possible positive cases among players from other clubs, La Liga considers that the circumstances are already in place to continue the next phase of the protocol of action against COVID. – 19. Consequently, in accordance with the measures established in royal decree 664/1997 of 12 May, it is advisable to suspend at least the next two championship days “ .

“This decision will be reassessed after the completion of the quarantines decreed in the clubs concerned and other possible situations that could arise. La Liga, as the organizer of the competition, has notified the RFEF, the CSD and to the clubs, “ said La Liga in its statement issued this Thursday afternoon.

Evolution of the facts

In the previous hours, the RFEF had already announced the total cessation of non-professional football competitions in the male and female categories as well as in football and futsal. The players’ union had also asked for two days to declare the end of the competition to protect the footballers. 

In the event that the break lasts more than two weeks and there was no date to complete the competition, you should go to the competition rules to find out who would be the champion and remember that according to article 188 of the RFEF regulation, it would be its president, Luis Rubiales, who would have the last word.

Sporting events in the world have already stopped, for example, the championship in Italy was interrupted a few days ago, the King’s Cup was postponed and even the probably most important competition in the world, the NBA, was also suspended.

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