" If the Premier is canceled, there would be an agreement to proclaim Liverpool champion

While the Premier League has closed until April 4 due to the effects of the coronavirus, fans wonder what will happen to the future of the championship. And right now, the scenario contemplated by the English football authorities is as follows. The Liverpool , who has 30 years of waiting to be champion, eventually to be, because most clubs think that would be depriving injustice of a title that has been gained in the field, as it has 25 points ahead of Manchester City . In this sense, the newspaper “Telegraph” Advances that most of the Premier League clubs are ready to end the season and that Klopp’s win the championship, even if not one more game is played.  

With the championship suspended until April 4, the theory begins to take shape that it will be difficult to finish this year’s Premier League, due to the complicated schedule and above all, due to the proximity of the Eurocup and the dispute over the UEFA competitions. Perhaps that is why among the Premier clubs the theory of giving up the season is beginning to grow. Among other things, because there would be no claims or complaints if Liverpool is champion. Those of Kloppp have a 25 point advantage over City and are two victories away from being champions . 

What would happen with the descents? Well, this is where several Premier League clubs would have to negotiate and seek consensus. Normally there are three clubs that would lose the category, but right now there are up to five teams involved, which occupy the last places in the table. Namely: A ston Villa, Bournemouth, Watford ,  West Ham and Norwich City .

In such a way that, to avoid complaints and claims, if the Premier cannot be completed and should be canceled, the Premier clubs would be inclined to cancel the declines this season. In other words, the five involved in relegation positions would retain their place in the Premier. In addition to blocking declines, the Premier would even consider promoting Leeds or West Brom to the Premier, which would have 22 participating teams in the 2020-21 season. A Solomonic solution, but surely applauded by most clubs.

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