" Italy and its fight against the coronavirus: "We are Atlético de Madrid"
The newspaper “Il foglio” publishes an article that makes an analogy between the resistance of the Italian people and the defense of Simeone

The world continues its particular battle against the coronavirus. And in Italy , one of the countries most affected at the level of infections and deaths by COVID-19, strives to look for examples and analogies to make their compatriots aware that they will overcome the crisis. Precisely for that, to stimulate the struggle of society, the newspaper ” Il Foglio ” has decided to publish a delicious article in the sports section, entitled: “We are Atlético de Madrid “ , where they put Simeone’s team as a clear example of courage to fight adversity. The article is based on Atleti’s win at Anfieldand puts the resistance of the Cholo defense as a clear example of overcoming adversity. 

“The coronavirus and that group of men who look at the impossible and achieve it,” says the article by the journalist, Alessandro Bonan, who explains how he realizes, while watching Liverpool-Atlético repeat last Wednesday, that what they are doing the rojiblancos on the field is similar, bridging the obvious distances in terms of what one or the other subject entails, to what the Italian people must do in the battle against the coronavirus.

The article says “Sky is replacing Liverpool -Atlético. (…) Klopp’s team is vertical as always, twice as fast as their opponents. However, there is something that does not work and Atlético punishes them” , for then add that ” Atlético’s defense, apparently firm like all the Italian people in these damn hours, has defeated the movement of the adversary.”

And he continues with the comparison: “ Atlético is us, I think, figuratively static, that we want to beat the virus, a very fast enemy in action. With a defense as strong as Simeone’s team, where everything seems stagnant and yet it moves. Atlético, this handful of men who look at the impossible and achieve it, are us “argues the journalist, who then writes a lapidary sentence: ” And for once this team, Atlético de Madrid, so hostile to beauty, I love it “

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