" Neymar, yes, yes and yes to Barcelona

Yes, yes and a resounding and definitive yes to Barça . As confirmed by  SPORT , the professional environment of  Neymar Jr.  has already communicated to the club management that he persists in his desire to re-dress in Blaugrana this coming summer. What’s more, the São Paulo star has transmitted that he is willing to take all the necessary pressure measures so that, this time, he can get  out of the glass palace where he is from the PSG , where he is being held against his will by an order from Doha.

Neymar  is irreducible in his intention to return to Barcelona and  is prepared to face a new negotiation  that will take place in a scenario that crack predicts that it will return to maximum tension. And, as he did a year ago, the Brazilian will do his part to put pressure on the owners of PSG, the Qatar Sports Investments fund  , to reach an agreement with the Catalan negotiators. 

The Brazilian, who is doing an impressive season at PSG, offers his best version, now that injuries respect him. It will be emptied to win the Champions, if it is finally disputed. Ney  chose to speak on the field, but, outside of it, he only thinks of leaving Paris.


Neymar  loves Barça and Barça loves  Neymar . Interests converge. The  mature Neymar  , who turned 28 in February, is ready to play the best years of his career alongside  Leo Messi , the best of all time with whom he has a personal and sports chemistry. Reissuing the trident, which conquered the triplet in 2015, is its highest aspiration. In the last Christmases, the meeting took place civilly, in the celebration that  Luis Suárez  organized in his country where he reissued the wedding vows. Now,  Ney  wants to have the photo, but in his football version, with all three wearing the Barcelona shirt.

Sportingly,  Quique Setién’s team also urgently needs top-notch footballers like Ney , who oxygenate the squad and contribute the quality carats and the competitive sap to “catch up” to fight for all the titles.

With Neymar’s ‘yes I want’  , the next step is to devise a joint strategy to bend the PSG wall. This time, unlike last summer, the Brazilian and Barcelona have a negotiating trick: the possibility of exploiting the FIFA way, with the player resorting to article 17 of the Regulations on the Statute and Transfer of Players of the FIFA. Unilaterally, without justified sporting cause, Ney’s  initiative  may ultimately end in the Sports Arbitration Court (CAS), which will determine compensation for the PSG. Ney  and Barça’s lawyers  calculate that this value can be around 180 million euros, which would have to be paid in cash.

In 2019,  Ney  was tied up, because he had not yet completed the three-year protected period of his contract for someone who is 28 years old (he completed them in February). In the fifteen days after your last official meeting with PSG, you  can trigger FIFA . In the Friday edition, we already recorded that  Josep Maria Bartomeu had  already contacted the Belgian lawyer Wouter Lambrecht to analyze all the possible scenarios that could arise if PSG is, once again, irreducible and the FIFA channel is exploited.

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