" Roberto Carlos insists on Neymar at Real Madrid
Where will Neymar go to the next transfer window? Roberto Carlos has a destination in mind, but it is not likely to please fans of PSG.

Former mythical defender of the Merengue club, Roberto Carlos spoke about his compatriot Neymar at the microphone of Fox Sports radio . For him, the Parisian must commit to Real Madrid .

“If it depended on me, Neymar would have been at Real Madrid for a long time, but life is not always as we would like. Great players must always play in the best clubs in the world. Real Madrid is today a benchmark Want to win the Champions League? Come to Real Madrid. ” , said Roberto Carlos in remarks relayed by Real France

“At the moment, Neymar is happy at PSG. He enjoys playing, and it’s the Neymar that everyone likes to see.” added the legendary old left side.


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