" Chelsea vs Leeds United | See LIVE the reunion of Marcelo Bielsa with Frank Lampard for date 11 of the Premier League

 Chelsea vs Leeds United | Watch live Marcelo Bielsa's reunion with Frank Lampard at the 11th Premier League concert

A huge clash of technicians and technicians who have a famous history when El Loko spied on Derby County two years ago, when the former English midfielder was his DT.

Marcelo Bielsa will once again star in a great Premier League game that haunts Loko as he will face great teams and world-renowned figures week after week. Something that will repeat on Saturday when they visit Stamford Bridge at Frankie Lampard's Chelsea.

Leeds Bielsa beat Carlo Ancelotti's Everton big and finished 12th in the standings. The victory that gave Rosario a respite, and shortly before the landmark duel with the Blues, which this year has been reinforced with everything that is needed for the English title.

Just the Fool has a history with the Londoners' coach, as he went through a controversial moment two seasons ago when he spied on Derby County, then led by Lampard in the championship. The criticism and even the fine received by the former Chilean national team, and the fact that this Saturday he will meet the former footballer again.

Chelsea, despite a somewhat non-standard start, are now making themselves known as a candidate for the Premier League and are in third place behind the leaders of Liverpool and Tottenham. With the latter, he faced a final date and missed the opportunity to lead with a goalless draw.

Date and time: When will Chelsea - Leeds United play in the 11th Premier League game?
The Chelsea vs Leeds United match will take place on Saturday 5 December at 17:00. in Chile.

Television: On which channel or where to watch Chelsea v Leeds United live on TV?
Chelsea vs Leeds United | See LIVE the reunion of Marcelo Bielsa with Frank Lampard for date 11 of the Premier League

Chelsea - Leeds United will air on ESPN 3 on the following channels, as reported by your cable operator:

VCR: 153 (SD) - 842 (HD)
DTV: 626 (SD) - 1626 (HD)
ENTEL: 216 (HD)
TRANSPARENT: 176 (SD) - 476 (HD)
GTD / TELSUR: 86 (SD) - 854 (HD)
MOVISTAR: 495 (SD) - 887 (HD)
TU WEIGHT: 108 (HD) - 512 (HD)

Online: Where to watch the live stream and who is streaming Chelsea - Leeds United online?
If you are looking for a link to watch Chelsea vs. Leeds United live, you can do so on ESPN Play.

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