" Juventus vs Dynamo Kiev : Schedules and TV Channel to watch LIVE


Cristiano Ronaldo's Juventus will face Dynamo Kiev in the fifth UEFA Champions League Group G match, and here in footballrocker we have some details of the match.

LIVE | ONLINE | LIVE | Cristiano Ronaldo's Juventus will make their way to Dynamo Kiev on Wednesday 2 December, the fifth day of Group G of the 2020/21 UEFA Champions League. The match will take place at Juventus Stadium and can be seen on ESPN 2 (Mexico) and ESPN 3 in several countries in Latin America.

Juventus, already classified, will be looking for three points to continue the fight for first place in the area where they are currently the only defender of Barcelona. Last weekend in Serie A Vecchia Signora drew 1-1 with Benevento, scoring goals from Alvaro Morata and Gaetano Letizia.

Dynamo Kiev no longer has a chance to reach the 1/8 finals, but they will face off against Ferencváros for a place in the Europa League. So far, both teams have 1 and must determine this third place on the last day.

On the first date of the Champions League, Juventus beat Dynamo 2: 0, making a double from Mora.

Date and time: When will Juventus and Dynamo Kiev meet in the Champions League?

The match will take place on Wednesday, December 2, at the Juventus Stadium.

Schedule and TV channel for each country:

Juventus vs. Dinamo Kiev  live for Champions League: Schedules and TV Channel to watch LIVE

Spain: 21:00 from M. League of Champions 2 (M52 O127), M. League of Champions 4 (M87 0129), and La Liga TV M5

Argentina: 5pm on ESPN 3

Chile: 5pm on ESPN 3

Uruguay: 5pm on ESPN 3

Paraguay: 5:00 pm on ESPN 3

Brazil: 17:00 EI Plus and TNT

Venezuela: 4pm on ESPN 3

Bolivia: 4pm on ESPN 3

Colombia: 3pm on ESPN 3

Ecuador: 15:00 on ESPN 3

Peru: 3pm on ESPN 3

Mexico: 2 p.m. on ESPN 2

USA: 12:00 pm. Fri / 15:00 ET by TUDN Xtra

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