" Tottenham vs Liverpool Match Preview and Betting tips

A battleship has crept into the naval battle for the Premier in which Liverpool and Manchester City play to 'sink the fleet' with their rivals. "It is impressive what Mourinho is doing at Tottenham. He has turned them into a results machine. They defend collectively well and do not play only on the counterattack. In their style I see similarities with us. You cannot be a leader just counterattacking," confessed Jürgen Klopp before hosting the 'spurs' at Anfield.

Tied on points at the top, the 'reds' will have an uncomfortable rival in their fiefdom. "They have more threats than Son and Kane. Lloris is a top-tier goal. His back line is secure. Hojbjerg, Sissoko and Ndombele are physically strong in the middle; Bergwijn plays a crucial role on the counter ... And Bale! it's another danger! ", explained the German coach. "We are a good team, but Liverpool is a machine of results, my Chelsea when we won two Premier League in a row ... The path is correct, but it is still early," said a Mourinho who takes pressure off: We're not even in the race for the Premier. "

However, as he did in Porto, London, Milan and Madrid, Mou has designed a block in the north of the British capital that shields itself from rival attacks and flies with the ball, punishing any slip. The 50.24% of average possession they accumulate is anecdotal. The areas rule: they are the third highest achieving team in the Premier (24 goals) after Liverpool and Chelsea and the least thrashed (10 against). "Tottenham had not been a leader for many years. Mou has brought his magic touch and has been seen in consecutive games against City - 2-0 win -, Chelsea - 0-0 tie - and Arsenal - 2-0 win - in the that they have not fit ", assures to BRAND Darren Anderton.

The former player 'spur' (1992-2004) compares the work of Mauricio Pochettino and that of the Portuguese, who landed at the club just a year ago. "The difference is the way they play. With Pochettino it was nice to see. He did a great job in his five years, reaching the Champions League final .... It was fantastic. Mourinho is another style. He is not so beautiful. but he is more effective, reliable ... He has a lot of experience and knows how to win the Premier ", reveals an Anderton who verbalizes with an example the metamorphosis 'spur':" Bergwijn, without having the quality and the goal of Bale, plays before him because he defends very well. Mentality has also changed. When Mourinho says something you should listen to him and respect him because he has won trophies everywhere. "

Reliability marks the trajectory of a Tottenham that has not lost since the first match (0-1 against Everton) ... but has not won a title since the 2008 League Cup with Juande: "There may not be a better chance of raising the Premier watching the rest. You have to try to achieve a trophy.

Another successful duo

The 'spur' goal is a matter of two. There are 10 goals and four assists in Premier and Kane nine and 10 goals -maximum assistant of the tournament- in his role as 'playmaker'. "It is '9' and '10'. It is similar to what Sheringham did in my time. He comes down, creates and helps the team. He has more experience and is very intelligent, but his best version is in the area", reels the Englishman comparing pairs.

"Like them, we had an almost telepathic relationship. We knew where the other was going to be. The rapport is not trained. Their good relationship is key. They enjoy and do not even have to look at each other," says an Anderton who scored 27 goals with Sheringham. Kane and Son (32) have surpassed them and go for Lampard and Drogba (36 with Chelsea). A dynamic duo.

"Everyone talks about Bale, but Reguilón is fantastic"

The new faces of Tottenham have given Mourinho a multitude of variants. "They have signed very well. Hojbjerg is the type of player he likes. He works a lot for the team in the middle. And Reguilón is fantastic. Everyone talks about Bale and they forget Sergio. We are lucky that he came to Tottenham." , says an Anderton who talks about Bale's situation: "He is not at the top and with Mou you have to be 100% to play. We still haven't seen the best Bale. Let's hope he arrives."

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