" Juventus vs Roma Italian League Live Stream Broadcast, News, Prediction

Juventus vs Roma Italian League Live Stream Broadcast, News, Prediction

Watch the Juventus and Roma match directly A hot summit in the Allianz Stadium, where the Juventus and Roma match in the major Italian League matches, where the twenty-second round meeting begins at seven in the evening Egyptian time and is held at the stadium of the old lady who is coached by Andrea Pirlo Catch up with Milan and Inter for the Italian league title this season after the competition became a hot plate with the succession of rounds, although there are indications that Juventus may be stripped of the Calcio title for this season in light of the strength of competitors and despite his possession of the star Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Juventus was able to wake up again and reach fourth place with 39 points, while Roma is in third place with 40 points, which ignites this confrontation and makes it extremely strong, especially since Andrea Pirlo is coming to it from a victory over Sampdoria with two goals in the Italian League and then surpassing Inter Milan in The Italian Cup, with two goals to a goal, and therefore he is at the top of his technical and moral conditions to win.

Where to watch Juventus vs Roma on television:

UK: Sports Premier 1

ESPN+: America

Live Stream of Juventus and Roma

Andrea Pirlo relies on the brilliance of Cristiano Ronaldo, who was the scorer of the two goals against Inter Milan in order to cross the trap of Roma, led by his coach Paulo Fonseca, alongside Paulo Dybala and Alvaro Morata, although he was disappointed by Pirlo for the risk in big matches due to his lack of experience in the training field, so we will see what he can offer against Rome in Turin.

Where on TV to watch Juventus vs Roma:

UK: Sports Premier 1

United States: ESPN+

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While the Roma team is still rife with differences between Eden Djico, the wolves striker, and his coach, Fonseca, despite the 3-1 victory over Hellas Verona and reaching the third place, then thinking about chasing Inter and Milan for the title, which prompted the club's management to strip Djikko of the captaincy due to overtaking his coach, but Nevertheless, he decided to summon him to this difficult confrontation in the hope of winning it and reaching point No. 43 to become one point away from second-placed Inter Milan, and therefore Roma will reserve in the defensive side in the hope of scoring a counter-attack goal that confuses Juventus' accounts in this match that ended in The first round at Wolves Stadium, with a 2-2 draw

Where to screen Juventus vs Roma on TV:

UK: Premier Sports 1

America: ESPN+

Juventus vs Roma Italian League Live Stream Broadcast, News, Prediction

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