" Live broadcast: Watch the Juventus match against Napoli in the Italian Super Cup

 Corona threatens to hold a Juventus match against Napoli ... "an official decision and dangerous developments"

Live broadcast: Watch the Juventus match against Napoli in the Italian Super Cup

Juventus will meet Napoli today, Wednesday, in the Italian Super Cup.

Corona virus continues to hit the soccer game, as it reached the Italian league competitions, during the past days, after a large number of competition clubs revealed that working people among the players and the technical, administrative and medical apparatus were infected, which threatened the establishment of the Juventus match against Napoli, according to Press reports.

The story of the Corona crisis began a few days ago, precisely immediately after the end of the Napoli against Genoa, when the latter was defeated by a clean six, then it was soon revealed that 14 of its members were matched with the virus, Including 8 players who participated in the match already, then the number increased to 22 cases. infection.

Genoa transmitted the infection to Naples, where 3 injuries appeared among the latter's ranks, and surprisingly, Juventus himself announced earlier today, Saturday, that there were 3 cases in the club.

The Italian newspaper Futbol reported through its sources that officials of the Italian League Health Committee had warned Napoli not to travel tonight to Turin to face Juventus on Sunday, and even officially banned him, which sparked speculation that the match could be canceled, pending further official developments.

Juventus squad

Andrea Pirlo begins with the following formation:

Formation | 4-4-2

Chesney Danilo - Chiellini - Bonucci - Cuadrado

McKinney - Pentancourt - Artur - Keiza

  Diane Koloshevsky - Ronaldo

The Neapolitan Formation:

Coach Gattuso begins with the following formation:

Formation | 4-2-3-1

Di Lorenzo - Manolas - Coulibaly - Mario Roy

Bakayoko - Diem

Lozano-Zelensky - Insigne


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