" Watch the Milan-Rome match broadcast live today 02/28/2021 Italian League

 The live broadcast of the Milan match against Roma, Rome vs AC Milan at the Olimpico stadium in the Italian capital, Rome

, hosts the Roma club at exactly nine o'clock forty-five minutes Cairo time within the framework of the twenty-fourth week of the Italian League, and the match is broadcast live and exclusively on the BN Sport channels accompanied by a voice The distinguished sports commentator Hafeez Darraji, in addition to the analytical studio accompanying the match.

Watch the Milan match today

Watch the Milan-Rome match broadcast live today 02/28/2021 Italian League

Roma fought twenty-three matches in the current version of the Italian Serie A and managed to win thirteen matches, and a draw was the decisive factor for five of the Roma matches, but the defeat of Roma in five other matches was the reason for the stopping of his score at four Forty points and is in fourth place in the ranking of the Italian League clubs after both Milan clubs, both Inter Milan and Milan, and after Juventus, nine points behind the center of the lead in which Inter Milan is located with fifty-three points.

Watch the Roma match today

As for Milan, who is currently second in the Italian league standings after having played twenty-three games so far, they have only lost four games, while a tie was the decisive result of four other matches, and Milan won in fifteen matches, bringing its score to forty-nine points and occupies The second place is deservedly after its rivals and its traditional rival, Inter Milan, with a difference of four points from the center of the leadership.

Watch the Milan and Rome match broadcast live

Watch the Milan and Rome match live broadcast today night shot 28-02-2021 Italian League Watch the live broadcast link for Milan against Roma vs AC Milan in the Italian League, the Olympico Stadium receives this evening the confrontation of Milan with its counterpart Roma team in the top of the twenty-fourth round matches for the current season of the Italian League, where Milan is scheduled to be a heavy guest in front of its Roma counterpart in the second half of the current season in the context of the second-leg match, and the first-round match ended with a tie between the two teams in the first-round match, with two goals against two, and today each team will discuss In the face of victory today, he won the three points in order to Improve his position in the league table, and the match will start today, Sunday, February 28, at exactly ten o'clock to quarter in the evening Cairo time and eleven o'clock four o'clock in the evening Saudi time.

Watch the Milan vs Roma match

Milan club offers a distinguished season so far in all competitions in which the team participates. In the Italian league, the team ranks second in the league table, with a score of 49 points, four points behind the leaders of the Inter Milan team. Milan team collected these points after winning the 15th victory. A match that was tied in four matches, and the team lost in four games as well. Today, Milan plays the confrontation and is coming from a tie from the last match it played before the match today, which was in front of its counterpart, the Red Star of Serbia. His home ground, in the second leg of the 32nd round of the European League for the current season, the match ended with a goal for each team, and the last Milan played in the league was in the last round of the league, in which the team met with its opponent, Inter Milan, and the team lost in this match.

Milan and Roma match broadcast live

On the other side, in today's confrontation, Roma will receive today at its opponent, Milan's stadium, as part of the twenty-fourth round of the current season in the second half. The 32nd round of the European League for the current season, and Roma achieved victory in this match, which ended with three goals against one goal, and Roma qualified for the next round of the championship, and currently Roma is the fourth-placed club in the league table with a score of 44 points, five games difference About his opponent in his confrontation today, the Milan team, and the Roma team got these points after winning 13 games, tied in five matches, and also tied the team in five matches . Arrangement.

Milan and Roma match broadcast live

Roma vs. AC Milan match card

Championship: Italian League.

The tour: week 24.

Stadium: Olympico.

Voiceover: Hafeez Darraji.

Conveyor channels: BN Sport HD1.

When: 09:45 pm (GMT 2+).

Date: Sunday (02-28-2021).

The score: Roma 0-0 Milan.

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