Juventus vs Benevento live Stream, Prediction And Many More...


 Here is Juventus vs Benevento Today Live Streaming Match, Forecast: TV Channel, Team news, And Toady Match, 2021. How to watch Series A Live. Today's Match from Juventus vs Benevento

Live Streaming on 21st March 2021, 17:00 hrs IST at Allianz Stadium Juventus vs. Benevento 2021 (Turin).

Catch Juventus vs. Benevento Catch Live streaming speech with quick refreshments, latest news and much more.

The Juventus-Benevento live match will be held on Sunday March 21st, 2021 at 15:00. Who will be visiting the Juventus Arena at the Juventus Stadium.

Juventus will try to take 3 points at all costs to get close to the leader of the standings and since the match will be played at home, his chances of winning are very great.

Juventus vs Benevento live Stream, Prediction And Many More...

Juventus will continue their attempt to beat Serie A leader Inter when they host Benevento on Sunday at 14:00 UK time.

The reigning champions are currently third in the table, 10 points behind Inter and one point behind Milan, although they both have a game ahead. Meanwhile Benevento is in 16th place, just four points behind the relegation zone.


On Sunday the 21st of March 2021

Where: Stadium Alliance, Turin, Italy

Official kicking time: 15 hours in Italy and across Europe; 14 hours in Britain; 10 hours East Time; 7 hours Pacific Time. Official kickoff time: (Remember this is the second Daylight Saving Time Sunday, if you're in the U.S., which did not happen in Italy.)


Sky Sport Series A, Sky Sport 252 TV: TLN, Canada (Italy)

DAZN (Canada); Sky Go Italia; NOW TV Online/Mobility: ESPN+ (USA) (Italy)