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 It might have been just a product of circumstance, but the game plan in Spezia was largely perfect, with opponents tired in the first half with the attack but not creating dangerous chances, then the Bianconeri swooped in, and thanks to the equestrian retreat on the bench. Sure, it was a disappointing season for Juventus, but at least the numbers at home, with six wins in a row with some big results, are strong in 2021. I hope they can keep up with that as a little bit of the pivot tendency to come will be on the field.

Just as some of the fires seem to have been extinguished, with Alvaro Morata returning and Juan Cuadrado coming back, more bad news appears from the infirmary as Rodrigo Bentancur was confirmed to be infected with the COVID virus and Mattis de Light had a small calf injury. The Dutchman's case does not seem very serious, but it increases absenteeism in the back. Alex Sandro worked as a center back in the previous competition, differently from the Verona match, but she will be a big question mark in this match against the talented frontline. Merih Demiral bounced back from the bad show against Verona, but here too he will have to deal with dangerous attackers, while he is best suited to outrun the physical attackers.

It seems unlikely that the coach will trust Radu Dragusin in this spot and that is a matter of not giving the young player a nod in the easier matches since you really risk burning them if they make mistakes in the more important encounters. The same goes for Niccol Fagiolo, who would have been useful if it was a more established option, but now has to be thrown into the fire.

While the problems in the back seem short-lived, Bentancur is clearly poised to miss several matches and if the midfield is really struggling, it might look really ugly now. Adrien Rabiot, Weston McKennie and Aaron Ramsey are not really ball players but more than just fast passes, so early buildup and general possession are set to be a hit. The coaching staff and players will have to find other ways to compensate.

Now that Murata is back, although still a bit limited, it might be a good time to move Dejan Kulusevski a few meters back, in the role he was originally envisioned and making the lineup more aggressive. It worked miracles while needing more hits against a modest opponent last week, but since Ramsey can't really be trusted, I think we'll see more of him as Bentancur and Arthur get out. It might turn out to be a coincidence, although she was pretty wild, it wouldn't be a terrible thing to return to the team's first season version. At least it was more fun than the last experience and the results are comparable.

The coach does not mention him in the pressure, but Juan Cuadrado is the one with the biggest kickoff out of the players who have lost time recently, Leonardo Bonucci is about fifty years old, while Matisse de Light is likely to save. The squad's selections are largely due to fitness: Cuadrado will eliminate Federico Bernardeschi, who had been an unexpected champ in the previous match, if he was in good enough shape, while Bonucci would likely get Sandro's approval if allowed to start. With the Porto match fast approaching, Morata is likely to be knocked off the bench.

Possible lineup:

3-4-1-2 Chesney; Danilo, Demiral, Sandro; Chiesa, McKinney, Rabiot, Bernardeschi; Ramsey. Ronaldo Kulusevsky.

Injured players:

Pentancur (Covid), Dybala (knee), Arthur (lower leg), Chiellini (calf).

Commented players:


 Lazio is the best pick piers in the Champions League, but they have suffered a bit from the heat and cold so far this season. It looks like they finally crossed the corner and rediscovered their best in January when they put together a winning streak of six games in a row, but their momentum was halted by the loss in the confrontation with Inter and then the defeat at the hands of Bayern. Munich. Bologna topped them last week, as they rested in the final round since they were due to play Turin.

Although they weren't as consistent as they were last season, having directly participated in the Scudetto competition before the pandemic, they are a problem in any given match due to technology, playmaking ability, and the effectiveness of major contributors. There aren't many aspects that have the same amount of firepower that Ciro Immobile, Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, Luis Alberto, and Joaquin Correa endow them.

The Golden Boot recipient has broken up hard before falling into a slight recession recently, Serbian strong powerhouse has been much more consistent in the Quartet, arguably the most complete and has kept things together throughout the season. He also has a tendency to appear massively in tough matches. Luis Alberto shines on his best days, but he's faced with debilitating physical issues that take a toll on his looks. Although it wasn't the same assistive device it was last season, it had a huge success in finishing it.

Correa had a quiet and injury-filled start to the season, but he has grown strong in the past two months and is one of the most slippery players in the league. Felipe Caicedo hasn't scored a goal in a while due to a nagging injury, but he could be a great substitute and inflicted damage very late in the first leg, a goal he has still been tough to bear in the previous period.

While they are adept at luring opponents into attacking and unleashing devastating counters when they regain the ball, the defensive stage has not held up as well as they have to do the trick all the time. The prolonged absence of Luis Felipe and the injury of Stefano Rado eliminated junior players from the equation and their substitutes Wesley Hoyt, Patrick, and Matteo Musacchio were more reliable and error-prone. Francesco Akerbe's mainstay can only block so many holes.

They'll also be underrated on the wings because Manuel Lazare is dealing with a calf injury. They will likely rely more on the energetic Adam Marusic, but their coach has also experimented with being in the backline, with two Senad Lulich, Muhammad Faris, and Jean-Daniel Akpa Akbar on the wings. It would be a very strange choice.

Since they were climbing high and that could have been a major turning point in their campaign, Simone Inzaghi tried to tackle the head-to-head Inter match but ended up conceding three goals despite a good performance. He probably wouldn't be so bold about this. In other critical games, they defeated Atalanta, Roma, and Napoli well, while losing to Milan in a tough match.

Possible lineup:

3-5-2 Rina; Patrick, Hoedt, Acerbi; Marusic, Milinkovic Savic, Leva, Alberto, Lulich; Korea fixed.

Injured players:

Felipe (ankle), rado (thigh).

Commented players:

no one.

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