Africa Cup of Nations Live: All the matches


 After a couple of postponements, the Africa Cup of Nations eventually kicks off in Cameroon on January nine for a month-length soccer bonanza culminating withinside the February 6 very last withinside the capital, Yaounde.

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The tournament’s fifty-two suits will take vicinity at six venues unfold throughout the critical African country. Below is the total schedule; kick-off instances are at a nearby time (GMT + 1).

Group stage

Sunday, January nine
Group A: Cameroon vs Burkina Faso, in Yaounde (5pm)

Group A: Ethiopia vs Cape Verde, in Yaounde (8pm)

Monday, January 10

Group B: Senegal vs Zimbabwe, in Bafoussam (2pm)

Group B: Guinea vs Malawi, in Bafoussam (5pm)

Group C: Morocco vs Ghana, in Yaounde (5pm)

Group C: Comoros vs Gabon, in Yaounde (8pm)

Tuesday, January 11

Group E: Algeria vs Sierra Leone, in Douala (2pm)

Group D: Nigeria vs Egypt, in Garoua (5pm)

Group D: Sudan vs Guinea-Bissau, in Garoua (8pm)

Wednesday, January 12

Group F: Tunisia vs Mali, in Limbe (2pm)

Group F: Mauritania vs Gambia, in Limbe (5pm)

Group E: Equatorial Guinea vs Ivory Coast, in Douala (8pm)

Thursday, January 13

Group A: Cameroon vs Ethiopia, in Yaounde (5pm)

Group A: Cape Verde vs Burkina Faso, in Yaounde (5pm)

Friday, January 14

Group B: Senegal vs Guinea, in Bafoussam (2pm)

Group B: Malawi vs Zimbabwe, in Bafoussam (5pm)

Group C: Morocco vs Comoros, in Yaounde (5pm)

Group C: Gabon vs Ghana, in Yaounde (8pm)

Saturday, January 15

Group D: Nigeria vs Sudan, in Garoua (5pm)

Group D: Guinea-Bissau vs Egypt, in Garoua (8pm)

Sunday, January 16

Group F: Gambia vs Mali, in Limbe (2pm)

Group F: Tunisia vs Mauritania, in Limbe (5pm)

Group E: Ivory Coast vs Sierra Leone, in Douala (5pm)

Group E: Algeria vs Equatorial Guinea, in Douala (8pm)

Monday, January 17

Group A: Cape Verde vs Cameroon, in Yaounde (5pm)

Group A: Burkina Faso vs Ethiopia, in Bafoussam (5pm)

Tuesday, January 18

Group B: Zimbabwe vs Guinea, in Yaounde (5pm)

Group B: Malawi vs Senegal, in Bafoussam (5pm)

Group C: Gabon vs Morocco, in Yaounde (8pm)

Group C: Ghana vs Comoros, in Garoua (8pm)

Wednesday, January 19

Group D: Egypt vs Sudan, in Yaounde (8pm)

Group D: Guinea-Bissau vs Nigeria, in Garoua (8pm)

Thursday, January 20

Group E: Sierra Leone vs Equatorial Guinea, in Limbe (5pm)

Group E: Ivory Coast vs Algeria, in Douala (5pm)

Group F: Gambia vs Tunisia, in Limbe (8pm)

Group F: Mali vs Mauritania, in Douala (8pm)

Last 16

Sunday, January 23

Match 1: Runner-up Group A vs Runner-up Group C, in Limbe (5pm)

Match 2: Winner Group D vs third Group B / E / F, in Garoua (8pm)

Monday, January 24

Match 3: Winner Group A vs third Group C / D / E, in Yaounde (8pm)

Match four: Runner-up Group B vs Runner-up Group F, in Bafoussam (5pm)

Tuesday, January 25

Match five: Winner Group B vs third Group A / C / D, in Bafoussam (5pm)

Match 6: Winner Group C vs third Group A / B / F, in Yaounde (8pm)

Wednesday, January 26

Match 7: Winner Group E vs Runner-up Group D, in Douala (8pm)

Match 8: Winner Group F vs Runner-up Group E, in Limbe (5pm)


Saturday, January 29

Match A: Winner Match 1 vs Winner Match 2, in Garoua (8pm)

Match B: Winner Match four vs Winner Match 3, in Douala (5pm)

Sunday, January 30

Match C: Winner Match 7 vs Winner Match 6, in Yaounde (5pm)

Match D: Winner Match five vs Winner Match 8, in Douala (8pm)


Wednesday, February 2

Winner Match A vs Winner Match D, in Douala (8pm)

Thursday, February 3

Winner Match B vs Winner Match C, in Yaounde (8pm)


Sunday, February 6

Third-vicinity play-off, in Yaounde (5pm)

Final, in Yaounde (8pm)